About Me

Hello! My name is Ryan H and this is a little bit about me.

  • Age – 11
  • Friends – Brock, Maverick, L.J, Grant, Dawson, and a lot more
  • Sports – Baseball, Basketball, Football, and maybe Lacrosse
  • Sport Positions- Football=Rb running back and Safety, ¬† Basketball- point guard or shooting guard , ¬† ¬†Baseball- Short stop, Catcher, Pitcher.
  • Favorite song – Congratulations
  • Favorite Singer – Post Malone
  • Favorite Food – There’s a lot But I kinda like Pizza (idk)
  • Favorite Book – Diary of a wimpy Kid
  • Favorite Character from D.O.A.W.K- Greg
  • Favorite Movie – Bench Warmers
  • Favorite Character from B.W. – Clark
  • Biggest fear- Clowns
  • Biggest pet peeve – When people bite their nails

If you have anymore questions ask in the comments.

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