Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Yes, you should get kicked off of extra curricular activities for what you post on social media. You should, because If you say something bad about your team then someone could tell the coach and if he figures out then you are in trouble because you could be the best player on the team and then you get kicked off and you have college scholarships and different stuff like that you could lose all that stuff in a snap just because you made one little comment on 1 twitter post. Just like in the article it states that, “Christine Rubino wrote in 2010. I HATE THERE GUTS.” That is what she said to her own students and she had to serve some jail time for that.¬† If you were to say that to one of your friends especially your team mates that is a big deal and it is a bad idea because you could get worse stuff than just getting kicked off the team, you could get Social Media taken away you could get your electronics taken away so there are many consequences for saying just a little comment that isn’t right to say. Even if you are in school and you say that your teacher is a terrible teacher there will be a lot of consequences even if its just a joke some people could take that seriously and you could get kicked out of your school and that would be a big deal because other schools might not take you and you could not have an education after that. Even if you threaten someone just being funny some people could take that the wrong way and thinking that your actually gonna do something big and you could maybe even Serve time in jail and that would be terrible even for one little text saying, “You Better watch out” because that could be scary to some people. Something happened to my brothers friend who said that he hated the school and he wanted to go to a different school¬† and he got kicked off the football team so even saying jokingly stuff could go the wrong way. People think that if you comment something that adults or teachers cant see it but if they see it you can get in big trouble. So in my opinion, if you post something wrong on social media you should get kicked off of any extra curricular activities.

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