Ryan’s Passion

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MY PASSION! My passion is football, I love football because sometimes games are just really intense and they just get me so hyped sometimes. ┬áSome other reasons are that when you are angry sometimes you can take it out on someone else and hit them. Another reason I love football is There is never a dull moment its always just so fun to watch and that’s why I love football. Another reason is the big hits. I love big hits because its gets people standing on there feet in the stands and its gets everyone wild up.

Finally my biggest Reason that I love football is Relationships. I don’t know why but football brings everyone together and create a family of all the fans for the team that they love, but most especially my favorite team the Steelers. But back to relationships it just brings everyone together , and at games you create a lot of friends. Lastly I am going to talk about Why I love the Steelers, I love them because I’m 11 so the year that I was born the Steelers had won the Superbowl so that was a big difference In my life because of that. another reason I love the Steelers is because My mom Go’s to Pittsburgh A lot for her work and she brings sovineers home to us, So this is my favorite passion, Whats yours?

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  1. i love football too so i read it and its pretty cool. I know the intensity of the sport also i cant stand a minute with out yelling during the super bowl

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